Aryeh is a pro-Israel, pro-peace, non-partisan student organization that supports Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish and democratic state. As a non-partisan organization we encourage honest and rigorous discourse in all matters relating to Israel. Aryeh’s objective is to educate the Columbia community about Israel, encourage students to become politically engaged, connect with other leaders on campus, and offer a variety of outlets for students to connect with Israel academically, politically, and culturally.


The Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) movement is misleading and counterproductive to a peaceful resolution for Israelis and Palestinians.

The divestment motion is misleading

It presents a one-sided narrative that ignores the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, past peace efforts, and both sides' concerns. A divestment vote will not change Columbia University’s investment policies and will not alter the situation on the ground for Israelis and Palestinians.

Divestment is counterproductive

Most Israelis and Palestinians want a two-state solution—an accepted goal of the U.S., the European Union, and the United Nations. But the path to peace through the two-state solution requires building trust between Israelis and Palestinians. Divestment causes distrust, animosity, and polarization, taking us further from the two-state solution.

The divestment motion refuses to call for a two-state solution

In opposition to the Palestinian Authority, Israel, the United States, the EU, and the UN, the divestment motion refuses to endorse a two-state solution that would provide a peaceful and just resolution to the conflict and allow both Israelis and Palestinians to realize their national aspirations.

There's a better path to peace

The initiatives that we promote and support aim to build trusting partnerships between Israelis and Palestinians, pave the path to a sustainable, equitable two-state solution, and immediately and tangibly benefit both Israelis and Palestinians.

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